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Discovering the instruments of the orchestra..

This is an image of an orchestral layout and where the instruments are to be found in the orchestra..Instruments of orchestraAs an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra take a look at these resources:

These are great from the Philarmonia Orchestra:

BBC – Radio 3 – Discovering Instruments of The Orchestra

This is also really good from Sound Junction. You can listen to examples of each instrument and there is background info on how the instrument is made, played and performance techniques.

Year 10 Composition Unit 4 Assessment Task 1

SO, having looked at rhythm and harmony so far this term we ant you to explore using these elements in an original composition. Your task is as follows..

1. Create a new Garageband project “Unit 4 Assessment Task 1”

2. Your composition must have at least:

  • A rhythm track (drums and/or percussion)
  • A harmony track – guitar/piano/strings etc.
  • A bass line

3. Your composition must have TWO clear sections, like a VERSE and CHORUS.

4. Each section will have a different rhythm track (drum groove) to accompany it. You should use drum fills to link sections.

5. You should have two contrasting chord sequences – one for your “verse” and one for your “chorus”.

6. You must use a mixture of block chords  and broken chords in your harmony parts.

Rhythm & Harmony Task

So far in our investigations into composition we have looked at Rhythm & Harmony.

These are within two of the five AQA Areas of Study:

AoS 1 Rhythm & Metre

AoS 2 Harmony & Tonality

Task overview

  • You have two weeks to complete the project.
  • You will compose (within a Garageband project) rhythm & harmony parts in a style of your choosing, you must make a note of your chosen style in the garageband notepad.
  • You will complete the task by 10B DEADLINE WEDNESDAY 9TH OCTOBER.

The composition must contain:

1. at Least two contrasting chord sequences. Think of these as being a verse and chorus section, or if you are not composing in a song-based style as two clearly contrasting sections. The chord sequences can be entered either by using the keyboard (real time and step input note entry) and/or guitar (recorded using an audio track).

2. an accompanying bass lines.

3. an accompanying drum grooves/rhythmic parts that are in keeping with your chosen style. The grooves should vary from one section to another. Drum grooves will be created in Garageband using a combination of real time and step input note entry.

4. stylistically appropriate drum fills leading into new sections.