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When composing for vocals it is important that the rhythm fits the lyrics you want to use.

Can’t think of any lyrics? DON’T WORRY! (be happy!) As you do not get marks for lyrics here are some that you can choose from. You also don’t have to use them in this order, you can mix and match AND you don’t have to use all of it AND you can change them as much as you like! They are here for a starting point.

So here we go:

Not Today

Don’t know if you’re there,
But you’ve caused me psychological pain.
Don’t know if you’re real yet,
But you’re messing with my brain.
Don’t know how I’m gonna tell anyone,
Won’t be easy. Don‘t know how they’ll react,
Will they laugh or shun me?

I love you
But I don’t
And I don’t know what to say
I love you
But I’m scared
I want you, just not today.

I’m too young too foolish,
Really I’m still a child.
But it’s my fault I’ll admit it,
I get too crazy sometimes too wild.
I don‘t know how I’m gonna tell the
People I care about.
But they’ll have mixed feelings
Of that there’s no doubt.


Can’t explain the way I feel
This feeling inside is so unreal
Don’t think I can do this
On my own.
Feeling scared feeling nervous
l am all alone, all alone.


You don’t know how many tears I have shed for you,
Or all of the pain you have
Put me through.
You said that you loved me I said that I loved you too,
but now our love is broken
and it‘s all down to you.

And I’m tired of hurting for you

I want you and l to be us
I want it just to be me and you
But I want gets, no I want never gets
And so I guess, it won’t come true.

You said you would be mine
Forever and a day

But now you’re asking questions
And I’m scared you’ll fly away

And I’m tired of hurting for you.

I look out of the window
and all I see is rain,
I look into my heart
and all I find is pain.
My eyes are all red
and for days I will cry,

catching my tears in my hands waiting for them to dry.

And I’m tired of hurting, oh so tired,
So tired of hurting for you.

On The Rocks

Our relationship is on the rocks Or with a dash of lime
I press you up against my lips For the hundredth time.

love you but you make me sick Swimming in my veins

Your fluid sense of what seems right has me bound in chains

Stumbling, fumbling, mumbling, tumbling Trying to gain control

Stirring, whirring, recurring, slurring
No longer feeling whole

Five past three my eyes are open You keep me wide awake

You’re a habit, a drugI a violent hug, That I truly need to break
A sip too many, a step too far
A daydream of drunken daze And as I see you across the room I wish it was just a phase


My everything
My nothing
My beginning and my end My lover
My enemy
My very best friend

Chorus x 2

Something Like A Title

Like a match in petroleum city
You start a fire in my mind
Long ago I was lost and lonely
Then our hearts were intertwined

I can’t do that anymore
You stumble home at half past four
Empty bottle hits the floor
Boy, I’ve never felt like this before

Yesterday it was all so perfect
Yesterday you were so sure
But what seemed indestructible
ls lying broken on the floor


Ever since I saw you with her
Every chord I play is off-key
When you put your arms around her
Are you thinking about me?

Awoken from the illusion of love
Who’d’ve thought I’d never shed a tear
You pushed me further and further away
And finally far enough for me to see clear

Chorus x 2

Weren’t they fun? YAY!

Have fun guys!