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Creating variety in grooves

Have a careful listen to how the Wombats create plenty of variety with subtle changes to grooves in this fine tune..

Biffy Clyro make excellent use of half-time here..

Here’s a couple of ideas for how to create variety in your rhythm tracks..


Adding Drum Fills

Once you have mastered creating your first grooves in Garageband you will soon be looking to add drum fills┬áto your projects to add variety and to mark out section changes. Below is a great introductory video in how to create drum fills from a drummer’s perspective. You can then use the same fills in your garageband projects.

The sheet music is below with a view of how these fills might look in your garageband projects:

Needless to say, this is just the beginning…there are some inspiring examples here..

Ouch, now that’s funky..

Developing the beat…1/16th note grooves

These two videos take the 1/8th note grooves a bit further and explore adding notes in the piano roll editor. They also look at adding syncopated funky snare and kick hits and more complex HiHat patterns..

These videos also look at some more in depth ways of entering notes using “step time” input as well as the “real time” note entry that was used in the 1/8th note grooves.