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Technology Based Performance – what do I have to do?

“This consists of using a sequencer (Garageband) and/or multi-track recorder and then manipulating the inputted data to achieve a satisfactory performance in terms of the assessment criteria. There should be at least three parts and candidates must perform at least one of the parts in real or step time.”

AQA Specification.

So how do I produce a stunning Technology-based Performance…?

  • You will begin using one of three Garageband template projects.

  • You will choose from three styles: ROCK – R’N’B – INDIE/FOLK

  • We will provide a full score for each of the instrumental parts that you need to enter – they are on the blog – look under the Technology based performance tab.

What will I submit?

  • You will submit an mp3 bounce from your Garageband project

  • You will also submit the score that you used to create the instrumental parts

  • You will submit an mp3 recording of the original song

How will my work be marked?

Your Technology-based performance will be marked out of a maximum of 30 marks. As you are developing your sequence, check how you feel it is progressing against the comments in the mark scheme below:

This performance is assessed on:

  • accuracy of pitch and rhythm including evidence of close attention to performing and expressive detail

  • care taken to ensure a good balance

  • use of an appropriate dynamic range

  • use of panning to obtain a clear recording and, where necessary, to separate sounds that utilise similar frequency ranges

  • awareness of style required including use of effects where appropriate, such as reverb., delay.