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Year 10 Composition Unit 4 Assessment Task 1

SO, having looked at rhythm and harmony so far this term we ant you to explore using these elements in an original composition. Your task is as follows..

1. Create a new Garageband project “Unit 4 Assessment Task 1”

2. Your composition must have at least:

  • A rhythm track (drums and/or percussion)
  • A harmony track – guitar/piano/strings etc.
  • A bass line

3. Your composition must have TWO clear sections, like a VERSE and CHORUS.

4. Each section will have a different rhythm track (drum groove) to accompany it. You should use drum fills to link sections.

5. You should have two contrasting chord sequences – one for your “verse” and one for your “chorus”.

6. You must use a mixture of block chords  and broken chords in your harmony parts.