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Chord progressions

How do the chords change in this fine and funky example?

A different approach..

The two chords used in the opening section  of Californication are A minor and F major, how are they chords expressed – block chords or broken chords?

Here Plan B use a funky repeated chord rhythm to great effect..how many chords are used in the opening to this song?

Here are two chord progressions, one in C major the other in A minor. Your job today is to create two contrasting chord progressions using the given chords (below). You must use:

  • rhythmic block chords for one chord progression
  • broken chords for the other chord progression
  • The chord progressions should flow into each other and feel like part of the same composition
  • You will probably want to create a rhythm track first – make sure you’re harmonic rhythm (the rhythm of the chords) fits the drum groove. You could create two drum grooves – one for each chord progression.