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Texture 2 – Monophonic, Polyphonic, Homophonic

The above are examples of three types of musical texture:

  • MONOPHONIC – one sound”
  • POLYPHONIC – many sounds”
  • HOMOPHONIC – same sounds – this is often melody with accompaniment”

Which clip represents which type of texture?

Other techniques to explore include using:

  • CANON (Row, Row, Row Your Boat?)

Which of the above techniques is being used in the examples below:


String Instruments

So, here are the main string instruments. Violin, Viola and ‘Cello. There is also the double bass, but not in this extract.
This film features pizzicato (plucking), tremolo (that suspense effect) and arco (with the bow). Oh, and homophonic music, imitation and much more.