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Violin and Cello

Now if you skip through to 2 mins into this video, you will see a violin (Nigel Kennedy playing) and a cello on their own. They are playing some Bach inventions, but it is a great way to hear the difference in sound and see what the instruments look like and how they are played. They are both string instruments.

Brass Instruments

These are brass instruments. Trumpets, French Horn, Trombone, Tuba (in the middle). Tuba has the lowest pitch. Get used to the sound. Oh, and this is a brass quintet (5 brass instruments).

Brass instruments might use a mute to change the sound. Watch this to see how they work, and how the sound (or timbre) is different.

Indian Music

Listen to this podcast on Indian Music.(right click to download) It links into the keywords that you have already covered and an understanding of this type of music will help in the listening exam. Whilst more than is required is covered, it is still a great way to understand what you do need to know. It is from a number of years ago…..